Art: A printing from "100 Words," the poem written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Jim Lee that was previously featured in "Liberty Comics" #2, is currently on sale. [Never Wear]

Twilight: A closer look at the upcoming graphic novel adaptation and its beefy 350,000 copy run [Splash Page]

Conventions: Will Tillander speaks out about Wizard Entertainment's purchase of Atlanta Comic Con, clarifying that there are still three Atlanta-based conventions that Wizard has no ownership over. [Bleeding Cool]

Hollywood: Marc Webb's upcoming "Spider-Man" trilogy will take several cues from the "Ultimate Spider-Man" comics, but more interestingly, it only has a budget of roughly $80 million. Not a lot of cash for a major tent pole, which could be great or could be awful. [Risky Business]

Comics: A four page preview of "Turf" #1, written by British talk show host Jonathan Ross and illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards, has premiered online. [io9]

Toys: Many heroes and villains have passed through the halls of the "Marvel Legends" action figure line, but some characters still haven't gotten the toy treatment. [Panels on Pages]

Jobs: A new UK-based quarterly Steampunk magazine called "The Time Machine" is currently seeking contributing writers for features, field reports and more. [Steampunk Network]

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