Toys: Customizer Rogue imagines some of Marvel and DC's most well-known heroines as Bratz dolls. [toycutter]

Branding: Advertising Age takes a look at Marvel's planned "Avengers" branding in anticipation of the 2012 movie and soon-to-be released animated series on Disney XD. They also tease Marvel's 2017 tentpole plans. [Adage]

Industry: Alex Cox has joined the CBLDF staff as its new Development Manager. [CBLDF]

Publishing: Random House has expanded their relationship with Kodansha Ltd., expanding from a licensing deal to taking over sales and distribution. [ICv2]

Manliness: Gender roles are complex and amorphous and we're all free to be who we want to be and all that, but there's something about Conan's man checklist that's got my NYCC chest hair growing. [Dark Horse]

Movies: Despite a relatively modest initial wardrobe, "X-Men: First Class" will feature January Jones as Emma Frost in the character's signature lingerie look. Whoda thunkit? [SuperHeroHype]

Bad Dudes: On November 17 Norman Osborn could strike back in the pages of "Osborn" #1 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rio. [iFanboy]

Movies: The second live action theatrical "Gantz" trailer is now streaming online. It's chock fulla bizzarre action and bubbly bodysuits as fans might expect. [ANN]

Comic Strips: "Cathy" finally ended on Sunday by revealing the strip's titular heroine was with child. I'm with the Comics Curmudgeon, "Good lord, can you imagine all the strips with Cathy trying on maternity clothes? Sparing all of us this was a true act of mercy." [JoshReads]

Podcasts: The Daily Crosshatch's Brian Heater has launched a new podcast called "Paying Dues," which focuses on creators' trails and tribulations on their way to success. [PayingDues]

Toys: Megatron makes a strong case for joining the Transformers Collector's Club. [Transformersclub]