Marvel's fair-haired Odison is back in theaters with Thor: The Dark World, and that means that public interest in beating things to death with a magic hammer is at an all-time high, particularly for people who were already interested in fictional weaponry to begin with. Such is the case for Master Swordsmith Tony Swatton, star of the Man at Arms series of web videos, who was deluged with requests to build a replica of Thor's hammer and obliged this week.

Now obviously, the only real way to build Mjölnir is to have the dwarves of Svartalfheim forge it from mystical Uru metal in a forge powered by the heat of a dying star and then imbue it with the Odinpower, but failing that, Swatton does a pretty decent job. Check out his work in the video below!



It's really neat to see how everything comes together to make a pretty awesome looking version of Mjölnir -- especially the fact that it weighs in at a hefty 20 lbs even though it's hollow -- but I still can't shake a little disappointment that you can't create portals through time and space by spinning it in a circle. Or hell, maybe you can! I know they smash up a Lava Lamp and some watermelons at the end (no doubt a tribute to the legendary Norse warrior Gällagir), but I don't think they tried whipping it around like that. Hope springs eternal!