Those of you into big anniversaries might want to pop open your calendar and get ready to write in a new event: February 8th marks the 100th anniversary of Bill Finger, the co-creator of a character you've probably heard of called the Batman. Unfortunately, due to a string of machinations by a real-life supervillain, Finger has never been officially credited for his role in the Dark Knight's creation. As the centennial approaches, however, a campaign has been launched to get him at least a small gesture of appreciation: A Google Doodle. You know, those little drawings that Google puts up instead of their logo on holidays? One of those.

Sparked by Marc Tyler Nobleman, the author of Bill The Boy Wonder, the grassroots effort is encouraging fans to write into Google and urge them to celebrate Finger's birthday next month, and it's the sort of campaign that we here at ComicsAlliance can get behind. It is, after all, the least we can do.



As Nobleman went on to point out, 2014 has a lot of significance for Finger. Not only is it the 100th anniversary of his birth and the 40th anniversary of his death in 1974, it's also the 75th anniversary of his creation of Batman with artist Bob Kane. It's definitely occasion that's going to be marked in comic book circles, but getting it mentioned on a website that is basically, you know, the entire Internet would be a fitting tribute to the man who co-created a global icon.

Nobleman is encouraging fans to write to to suggest a Bill Finger tribute on February 8.