Hasbro's Marvel Universe "Greatest Battles" two-packs are about to welcome all new Adam Warlock, Mr. Sinister and Gambit figures, along with a repainted Thanos to the 3.75" line. Tentatively slotted to arrive in stores later this year/early in 2012 according to PGT and BBTS, the two packs will pair Thanos and Adam Warlock with a copy of The Infinity Gauntlet #3, while Mr. Sinister and Gambit will come packed with a copy of X-Men #1 (with the Gambit cover, naturally).

While Thanos had previously come packaged with an Infinity Gauntlet in his size in Marvel Universe Wave 11, this time around its Adam Warlock who gets to don the mighty mitt in a size befitting his more slender stature.

For his part, Gambit is looking appropriately '90s in his two-pack with Mr. Sinister. He's even got his a trusty whomping pole! No exploding cards seem to come packed with the Ragin' Cajun, but he appears to come with a suitably posed hand for flipping charged projectles.

See images of the upcoming Marvel Universe "Greatest Battle" two-pack toys below:

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