In case you haven't read it yet (and missed our review), Edge of Spider-Verse #2 by Jason LaTour and Robbi Rodriguez is a fantastic comic. It introduces an alternate-universe Gwen Stacy who become Spider-Woman and is on the run from the cops after being blamed for the death of poor old Peter Parker. It also involves an awesome element: A band called The Mary Janes, in which Gwen is the drummer, Mary Jane Watson is the lead singer/bassist, Glory Grant is the keyboardist, and Betty Brant plays lead guitar.

That'd be cool enough on its own, but a band called Married With Sea Monsters took it a step further. They've actually recorded a version of the song from the comic, "Face It Tiger," and posted it to YouTube. Have a listen:

It's a catchy, quick garage rock gem with a chorus that crowds could easily sing along with. I particularly love the breakdown right at the end.

The song caught the attention of Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott and Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, who both tweeted out the link to the video. With that kind of attention, maybe we can hope this will be the official theme of Spider-Gwen if she gets that series of her own that people seem to be clamoring for.

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