As long-time ComicsAlliance readers will know, we are firm believers in the idea that the best way to expand on a story is through the time-honored medium of crayon drawings. And now, we know it's not just for comics! Skoolmunkee, the artist that brought you the Mass Effect Coloring and Activity Books, has returned with a crayon diary from the point-of-view of everyone's favorite super-buff Space Marine from Mass Effect 3, Outer Space Freddie Prinze Jr. James Vega!

Check out a few of our favorite pages from Vega's adventures across the galaxy after the cut, but if you haven't played the game, look out for spoilers!

For more Mass Effect goodness, including more pages from Vega's space diary and a series about Javik, the Rudest Prothean, check out Skoolmunkee's Tumblr!

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