As a reasonably enthusiastic Mega Man fan, this month's release of "Mega Man 10" coupled with the recent release of Udon's "Mega Man: Megamix" Vol. 1 manga by Hitoshi Ariga (who also worked on the MM games) has had me on something of a Blue Bomber kick.

So, while I sit and attempt to clear "Mega Man 10" on the non-easy mode waiting for the release of "Megamix" Vol. 2 in May, I've started longing for manga adaptations for Capcom's two latest downloadable entries into the OG MM series - dare I say a "Megamix" Vol. 4?

"Megamix" Volumes 1-3 pretty much encapsulate the series' first eight titles and Ariga actually produced a mini-manga for "Mega Man 9" that came packaged exclusively with the hard copy of the game's soundtrack. The stories are a bit wacky and kids are definitely the target audience, but big kid fans should get a kick out of seeing their favorite games get a more fleshed-out story.

It could take some doing to convince Capcom, Ariga and Udon (along with numerous other international publishers) to make a fourth installment of "Megamix" happen, but as an avid fan of the multi-named Rockman, I certainly welcome the small chance that it could happen.

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