No longer will you have to aimlessly look up in the sky searching for Superman's home planet; astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has discovered Krypton -- or, at least, the closest thing to it in reality -- and he wants to tell you where you can find it for yourself.The discovery comes after DC Comics reached out to the Hayden Planetarium director (and host of PBS' Nova series), Dan Didio told the New York Post: "One of our staffers reached out to him to see if he'd assist for a story we were doing, and he actually came up with a location." That location is a red dwarf star located in the Corvus constellation, 27.1 light years from Earth. Currently named LHS 2520 - although, really, how long before it becomes commonly known as Krypton now? - it has a "red, highly turbulent surface, somewhat cooler and smaller than the Sun," according to Dr. Tyson, and can be found at the following co-ordinates:

J2000 Right Ascension: 12 hours 10 minutes 5.77 seconds Declination: -15 degrees 4 minutes 17.9 seconds Proper Motion: 0.76 arcseconds per year, along 172.94 degrees from due north

To tie-in with the discovery, Tyson will appear in the next issue of Action Comics helping Superman locate where his home planet used to be as part of the back-up strip by Sholly Fisch and Chris Sprouse. "As a native of Metropolis, I was delighted to help Superman, who has done so much for my city over all these years," Tyson said of his comic book debut. "And it's clear that if he weren't a superhero he would have made quite an astrophysicist."

Action Comics #14, with "Star Light, Star Bright" by Fisch and Sprouse accompanying the lead strip by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales, arrives in stores and in digital form this Wednesday.

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