While we still don't know exactly when Cartoon Network's upcoming relaunch of Powerpuff Girls is going to premiere on television, it's definitely coming soon, and we know that because the promotion for the series is in full swing. It was just last week that the network unveiled a clip from the first episode, and now, we've got a look at the theme song.

Specifically, an extended version of the show's opening sequence, with a brand new theme song, "Who's Got The Power?" by Seattle's Tacocat, just in case you wanted a reason to get pumped up for the return of what might actually be the single best superhero team of the '90s. Give it a watch!



There are a couple of interesting things to note about this, and one is that it has a lot more in common with Bis's high-energy ending theme for the original series than with that show's familiar instrumental opening. The other, though, has to do with the aesthetics.

If you've somehow never seen it, the opening for the original Powerpuff Girls was built around the awesome minimalist imagery of the Girls' creation:



PPG 16, on the other hand, is going in the almost opposite direction. It's a riot of color and sound, something that looks more like a flyer for a rock show than the art deco aesthetics of the original. And that, I have to say, is pretty cool. In the absence of the original creators and voice actors, PPG 16 has to figure out how to set itself apart from the original while still capturing what worked about it, and leaning into those slightly busier designs and a more frantic sensibility goes a long way towards doing that. Here's hoping the show can do the same when it airs!


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