Thor got a heaping helping of videogame releases last week with three versions of Thor: God of Thunder dropping from Activision along with the online Thor: Bring the Thunder at If you're anything like some of the CA staff and have already blazed through those, there's one more glimmer of Thunder Godly gaming hope left to check out. Disney Mobile's Thor: Son of Asgard (not to be confused with Akira Yoshida and Greg Tocchini's 12-issue comic series of the same name) arrived on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad this week and serves as something of a sequel to the film. Whether you're a recent movie convert or a a casual gamer, you'll want to peep the Son of Asgard trailer and screen shots after the cut.Written by Bryan J.L. Glass (Mice Templar, Burger King's Thor movie tie-in comics), with cut scenes animated from the comics-style art of Ron Lim, Son of Asgard picks up in a kind of alternate dimension of where the Thor film leaves off and sees the Odinson dealing with the fallout of Loki's actions in his absence. A two-front attack has broken out on the Realm Eternal and the thunder god has to face down foes like Dark Elves, Trolls and the Midgard Serpent across Jotuheim, Alfeim and other environments.

Like Activision's God of Thunder games, Thor works to save Sif and Asgard from perils caused by Loki's manipulations (in this case, less subtle acts of war). Fans will notice some key differences from the console releases, though, including non-movie voice actors. The folks handling the vocal work seem to grasp the tone, though, and pull off Asgardian drama pretty well.

Having Thor'ed through about 30 minutes of Son of Asgard, the graphics and gameplay seem solid for a $4.99 title. The very mild difficulty level of the beat 'em up battling is about right for more casual fans who just want to pick up and play aesthetically-pleasing Asgardian adventures on the fly. Thor's movements are a little weighty when it comes to combat, but the joystick doesn't present any problems -- a major gripe on many iOS releases.

If exploring bright 3D worlds where you can hit monsters with Mjolnir and let loose charged Thunderstorm-related attacks is your kind of deal, check out the Thor: Son of Asgard trailer and a few screen shots form the iPhone and iPad below:

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