Comic conventions are often fun places where people can come together and celebrate their shared interests, but unfortunately things can turn sour when someone's behavior simply goes too far and harassment rears its ugly head.

The creative minds at Oni Press have stepped in to help. Taking a page from the yellow and red cards soccer referees pull out when players violate the rules, Oni has released a set of penalty cards that creators and convention attendees can use to let people know they're crossing a line. Check out the full set after the jump.


Oni Press Harassment Cards
Oni Press


In a Tumblr post, Oni says the fun idea of the cards aren't meant to trivialize a major issue, and are by no means intended as a complete solution to the problem of convention harassment:

Comic conventions should be bastions of unfettered fun, enthusiasm, and safety; but lately it seems like nary a con can go by without some complaint of uncouth or downright inappropriate behavior on the part of some attendees.

While these cards are by no means a solution to a systemic problem, we hope they might prove useful should one find themselves in the damnable position of encountering said behavior.

Fans can print out a JPEG of the cards here and a PDF here.

The next major con is Emerald City Comicon, which starts March 28. ECCC's organizers have been spreading around their own highly shareable image to inform its no-tolerance policy toward harassment. As of this writing, that image has been liked and reblogged on Tumblr nearly 6,000 times.


ECCC Harassment Policy
Emerald City Comicon


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