Depending on the state of your sweet tooth, Peeps are either a delectable Easter treat, or sugared styrofoam contorted into unnatural shapes. Peeps dioramas have exploded into an annual springtime tradition, with outlets like the Washington Post and the Denver Post holding competitions that celebrate the medium of sugar-coated marshmallows. The resulting dioramas range from political parodies to some wonderfully geeky works of edible art. I've collected some of my favorite Peeps dioramas, with scenes from comics, science fiction TV and films, and video games rendered with pastel bunnies and chicks.There's a certain art form to the Peeps diorama. You want to use the classic Peeps shapes while also replicating a recognizable moment. You want to enhance the Peeps without disguising them, and Loren Sciurba does just that with his Walking Dead diorama, depicting Shane's sacrifice of poor Otis with distressed zombie bunnies, licorice guts and a nice splatter of raspberry jam blood.

Here's a closeup of Otis. Poor bunny, your death was not swift.
For a more genteel take on the zombie apocalypse comes "Peeps and Prejudice and Zombies." Needs more licorice guts.
Landscape architect Jill Yutan went with classic Star Trek for her diorama. Clever, since Tribbles reproduce like parthenogenetic bunnies.
Normally, I don't regard Peeps as an appealing foodstuff, but the thought of chocolate-covered Dalek Peeps is making me hungry. Come, Peepeks, and exterminate my hunger.
If Peepman's symbol is a Peep, then why does he still dress like a bat? Of course, you don't really need logic when you have a sweet Peepmobile like that.
If you prefer your Batman-inspired Peeps Photoshopped instead of physical, you might enjoy Batman's origin, retold with Peeps.Be warned, this next diorama contains spoilers for the first season/book of Game of Thrones, assuming you can recognize any of the characters in Peeps form:
When you play the game of Peeps, you win or you get exploded in the microwave. Epicurious
actually has a whole series of Game of Thrones Peeps dioramas, including one of the incesty scenes.

Anna and Thalia Biglen
's Muppet Show cast is a bit of a cheat with all that sculpting, but it's also pretty neat.
You know what the world needs? More stories about marshmallows. That way, we can have more marshmallow dioramas where we make marshmallow characters out of marshmallows. Excuse me while I melt some Peeps for my diorama based on The Stuff.
Protip: You shouldn't eat Peeps once you've spray painted them silver.
If a Peep eats a cake, is that cannibalism? Or is it more like a human eating meat? This Portal diorama gets bonus points for its use of eggshells.
Speaking of cannibalism, here's your requisite Soylent Green pun.

Could Namco and Just Born team up and create this game? Pretty please?This may be the greatest use of bunny-shaped Peeps ever. I almost wish that Andy Riley's Bunny Suicides were a bit bloodier, though, so Carolyn Whitton would have had an excuse to use that raspberry jam.

Scott of Polite Dissent doesn't strictly create dioramas, but each Easter, he dresses up his Peeps up as comic book characters. He's done Watchmen...


...the Green Lantern Corps...

...and the Avengers. Needs more Hulk, though. Perhaps one of ThinkGeek's fake Minecraft Marshmallow Creeps would work as a sufficient stand-in.