Fresh from three Harvey Award nominations and an Eisner win for "Best Publication For Kids," Roger Langridge's Snarked! will conclude with issue #12 next Wednesday, September 19. Langridge's original series has been celebrated for remixing elements of the works of Lewis Carroll (chief among them, of course, his poem " The Hunting of the Snark") into a narrative fit for readers of all ages. Langridge's enthusiasm for the project was apparent when we interviewed him last June before the launch of Snarked! #0, and judging from our first-look at the first six pages from the final issue from Boom! Studios, the artist's energy only increased as he worked toward the series' conclusion.From Boom!'s official solicitation info:

FINAL ISSUE of the Eisner Award-nominated series! Will our heroes escape the dangers of Snark Island? With her father the Red King in tow, will Scarlett be able to save the kingdom from the clutches of the dastardly royal advisors? And what will become of the Walrus and the Carpenter? Find out here!

You can check out six pages from Roger Langridge's Snarked! #12 below:

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