In the wake of the upcoming IvX event, Marvel is planning another push of Inhumans titles, with two titles, Royals and Black Bolt, announced earlier this week. Now Marvel has unveiled the third title in the line; a new incarnation of Secret Warriors by Matthew Rosenberg and Javier Garrón that sees veteran Warrior Daisy Johnson, aka Quake, recruiting a team of young Inhumans, including Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl.

Announced today via CBR, the new volume of Secret Warriors takes cues from Jonathan Hickman's original volume, but will ultimately be its own team with its own goals. In his interview with CBR, Rosenberg notes that the title will straddle the line between spy and superhero genres --- represented by Quake and Ms. Marvel respectively --- and a clash of ideals will drive the team's methodology in the field.

The team features veteran Inhuman Karnak, new Inhuman Inferno, and Moon Girl's best friend Devil Dinosaur, and will apparently expand in the near future to include non-Inhuman characters, but Rosenberg is keeping mum on who those might be. Earlier in the week, Al Ewing noted that both Karnak and Lockjaw would be staying behind on Earth, so hopefully everyone's favorite Inhuman (and Kamala Khan's best friend) can make an appearance.

It is interesting to note that among the three Inhumans titles announced this week, none of them actually have the word "Inhuman" in the title. Marvel's push for the Inhumans brand both in comics and on the Agents of SHIELD TV show has felt a little forced, and perhaps this is evidence of Marvel changing its emphasis in an attempt to get readers to connect with the characters. Certainly, adding fan-favorites such as Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl to this team, and reminding readers that those characters are in fact Inhuman, may help bring awareness to a franchise that Marvel has been trying to develop for a while now.



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