Today’s big rumor sprung up seemingly out of nowhere — okay, not totally out of nowhere, but it did raise a few eyebrows and maybe get a few hopes up as reports began circulating that Creed director Ryan Coogler has been confirmed to direct Marvel’s Black Panther. Hold your horses, because Coogler hasn’t been confirmed for T’Challa’s solo film… yet.

Earlier today, The Verge reported that Coogler had officially signed on for Marvel’s Black Panther, citing confirmation from Kevin Feige in Empire’s upcoming February issue (they’ve since corrected the article). But if you visit Empire’s page for that issue, there’s no quote from Feige — only a screenshot from the issue teasing all their Marvel preview content, including a section on Black Panther.

Yesterday, we had quotes from that portion of the magazine, in which Feige said that Chadwick Boseman’s new superhero and his solo film are very important to the MCU; specifically, that film will help set up the events of Avengers: Infinity War. That’s it. No confirmation of Ryan Coogler directing, no mention of his ongoing talks, nada.

Coogler remains in talks with Marvel to direct Black Panther, and until Marvel, Feige or the director himself make the deal official, it remains unofficial. But chances are pretty good that Coogler will direct Black Panther, and it’s just a matter of when Marvel will send out a formal announcement.

Black Panther hits theaters in 2018.

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