After yesterday's roundtable, the ComicsAlliance staff was pretty sure that we'd seen as much gender-swapped fan-art as we could possibly stand. But that was before I woke up this morning to Matthew Allen Smith alerting me a picture of Darkseid, Jack Kirby's embodiment of Ultimate Cosmic Evil, by Japanese artist Ryusuke Hamamoto:

But wait. There's more.
Little Lady Darkseid and her Omega Upskirt are far from Hamaoto's first try at gender-swapping--in fact, it's not even the strangest. Hamamoto got worldwide press last year for a doujinshi he released at Winter Comiket 2009 that featured what is unquestionably the ultimate gender-swap, recasting "Watchmen" creator Alan Moore as a teenage schoolgirl:

It's a pretty bold move, mostly because it involved discarding Moore's trademark beard, but Hamamoto made up for it by keeping both the creator's distinctive rings and -- even more importantly -- his worship of Glycon:

Maybe it's just the fact that it's the icing on the cake of absurdity, but the look on dour young Alanette's face when she sees the Egyptian Snake God just cracks me up every single time.

And as the final touch, Hamamoto also included a shot of Moore collaborating with a chatty schoolgirl version of "Sandman" writer Neil Gaiman:

For more of Hamamoto's art--which is generally a little less absurd, but does include some pretty boss Hellboy pieces--check out his DeviantArt Gallery, and for those of you who read Japanese, he's active with new art on Twitter as well.

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