Sam Hiti
's art Tumblr is titled Sam's Infatuations, which is perfect for the artist who likes to wear his mashed-up influences on his ink-splattered sleeves. Hiti's 2004 Xeric Grant-winning Tiempos Finales transported Lovecraftian horrors into a spaghetti western setting, while his webcomic Death-Day is military science fiction filled with unnerving biomechanical creations. So when Hiti's pen wanders, it travels through a range of strange lands, filled with high-fashion monsters, mecha-driving minors, many a memento mori and, of course, the movies of Sergio Leone.

I highly recommend checking out Hiti's Once Upon a Time in the West poster at a higher resolution--and, if you're a fan, I believe you can still pick up one of the limited edition screen prints. (It's actually the most recent addition to my living room wall, and I can't stop staring at it.) And Hiti just continues to show off the range of his work. Not only can he develop compelling, genre-bending works of fiction; he's also been developing educational comics for World Book with author Joseph Midthun. The ten-volume Building Blocks of Science is already available, and you can see a few snippets from the upcoming Building Blocks of Math on his blog.