If you've read any of the five-going-on-six volumes of "Scott Pilgrim," chances are you've been secretly (and shamefully) waiting for the day that proper merchandise would allow you to reenact your favorite scenes from the comic or its pending cinematic installment. Now, thanks to Mezco, you will soon be able to make Scott and Ramona fight your Transformers toys from the privacy of your own home via two totally cuddly plush toys.

Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley Tweeted about the plushes yesterday (before launching a conversation debating the differences/similarities between hipsters and nerds) that very likely resulted in some serious cleared shelf and or bed space of fans across the Web.

The upcoming Mezco plushes bear spot-on likenesses of O'Malley's SP illustrations, which gives credence to the idea that additional characters could eventually see stores. I'd certainly be down for some action figures to go with them, but for now I'll remain content with the adorableness due out in July - just in time for the "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" hits on Aug. 13.
[Via Twitter @strangeadventurez / @radiomaru]

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