"In the comic book world when you're destined to save mankind, you're destined to be alone." -Lex

Hollywood comes to Smallville this week as the fictional comic book 'Warrior Angel' goes into film production. We;ve got guest star Christina Milian (you know her from big songs like 'Dip It Low' and 'AM to PM') as the film's lead actress Rachel Davenport and right away the starlet finds herself in trouble as, during a driving scene, the break wires have been cut and the car won't stop. Lucky for her, the movie is being shot on the Kent farm and Clark is there to save her. But who would wanna kill her? 'Tis the life of a superstar, where crazies are lurking everywhere (especially in this town). You thought Hollywood was crazy, darling, you CLEARLY have never been to Smallville.

Meanwhile, we FINALLY see what happened to Lionel after all this time. It appears he's been kidnapped by a random woman named Maralyn, who has chained him to a bed with little explanation why. Plenty of people in the past have wanted to get rid of the Luthors, but they're usually pretty quick to share their unhappiness. All we get from this creepy lady is a phone call where she tells mystery person on the other line that he's finally woken up.

Back in Smallywood, Clark finds out that a 'Warrior Angel' super fan/film production assistant is trying to kill Rachel to keep the original story in tact (the comic has W.A's girlfriend dying, whereas the movie keeps her alive.) Obsessed fan isn't too thrilled with the changes. Since death attempt #1 was thwarted, he tries again by replacing the gun prop blanks with real bullets. Clark is on bodyguard patrol and x-rays in on the gun, sees the bullets, and saves Rachel in the knick of time. Lucky for her, unlucky for him because obsessed sees Clark in action with bullet in hand and says to himself, "Nice catch, superhero!"

Back to the woods, where Lionel escapes the clutches of Maralyn (literally ... way too painful to watch him tear his skin out of the trap). As she goes after him in the woods, she bumps into Lana of all people. Turns out she's the one who put Maralyn up to the kidnapping in the first place. More lies and fakiness when Clark calls her cell and she pretends she's watching a movie with Aunt Nell. Sure you are ...

With all the attention now turned to Clark, obsessive fan attempts to make him accept his destiny of saving the world by getting rid of the thing standing in his way: Lana. He throws her off the top of a building, Clark catches her, and millions of Lana haters are disappointed. She might regret that later, since Lionel is now back in the picture and knows she's behind his captivity and faked her death to get away from him and Lex.

At episode's end, Rachel gives Clark a present, saying that "every superhero needs one." Surprise: It's a red cape! I won't lie, though ... as silly as this might make me sound, I got chills in the last shot where the cape is blowing in the wind over the fence as Clark walks away. I'm not afraid to admit it!

And random final observations: #1 Chloe looked totally gorgeous! I'm seriously liking her more and more with each episode and liking Lana less and less (although I've been told I'm a little late on this phenomenon). #2 How cool was it that this episode centered completely on the comic angle (and was practically teasing the show, writers, and fans)?

Alright that's all from me. Your turn! What did you think?

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