That Steve Rude hasn't been drawing any comic books at all is a terrible fact that makes us physically ill, but the artist also known as "The Dude" keeps busy with an incredibly steady stream of commissioned work in the collectors' market. Rude, who narrowly avoided financial disaster last year when an appeal to the comics community saved his home by way of an art auction, continues to rely on sales of his breathtaking original comic book art, commissioned sketches and painting while he pursues a career in the fine arts and awaits the start of what we have reason to believe are some exciting comics projects.

The co-creator of Nexus and the illustrator of Superman/Batman: World's Finest, Rude calls "marker sketches" what many artists call finished cover or pin-up work, and he often colors them as well. Measuring 11"x14" and illustrated on Bristol board, original Steve Rude sketches are a bargain at $199.95 for your character of choice. (click here for more details). Other sales and discounts often found on his Facebook page, where Rude also posts scans of his completed commissions. We've collected many of our favorites that he's created over the last 12 months or so not just because we want you to support this guy, who may very well be today's best living comic book artist, but also because the work is just too good to remain hidden in a Facebook photo album.

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