Warner Bros. is planning on screening Suicide Squad at the MCM Comic-Con in London late next week, so it was a bit surprising to see some very early reactions to the film pop up on Twitter over the last couple of days. Several fans have been sharing their thoughts on David Ayer’s anti-superhero team-up following a test screening in California on Thursday night — and the reactions are quite positive.

ComicBook.com picked up on the early responses to Suicide Squad, which apparently screened at the Century 25 Union Landing theater in Union City, California. Here are a few of the tweets:

Checking out some of the individual accounts, they all appear to be legit and unless there‘s some vast underground Twitter conspiracy afoot, it looks like this screening actually took place. (Then again, a certain contingency of DC fans came up with a conspiracy theory suggesting that film critics had been paid by Marvel to write negative reviews of Batman v Superman, so anything is possible at this point.)

But hey, if David Ayer succeeded in making an entertaining movie about a super-group of DC villains, that’s great news. Following the underwhelming response to Batman v Superman, reports emerged of Suicide Squad reshoots, with some suggesting WB wanted Ayer to add more humor to the film to make sure it was more in keeping with the well-received trailers. Ayer and the cast have denied that’s the case, but subsequent reports of creative changes in WB’s DC movie universe suggest otherwise.

According to a handful of tweets (you can search Twitter to see more), WB screened an incomplete version of the film — but if it’s screening at the MCM Comic-Con next week, how unfinished could it be? Studios will occasionally describe an early screening (at a festival, for instance) as a “work-in-progress” or “unfinished” cut, but that’s usually a way to justify negative reactions. If you didn’t like it, that’s okay, it’s not finished yet and they can still fix it. If you did like, great — that’s what the final movie will be.

Finished or not, these positive reactions have us feeling a bit more optimistic about Suicide Squad, which hits theaters on August 5.