Ever since Suicide Squad started filming on the streets of Toronto, set videos have been arriving on a daily basis, showing off virtually every member of the film’s ensemble cast in costume. Now, we can add Jared Leto’s Joker to the list. Footage of what appears to be a key flashback featuring the Clown Prince of Crime and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn has arrived online and it features a few details that will be of interest to the DC Comics-initiated.

Since Harley isn’t wearing her crazy outfit from the official photos and the Joker is on the loose, we know this scene must be a flashback, taking place some time before the main events of the film (where the two of them are in prison). Robbie appears to be in her Dr. Harleen Quinzel days, playing the psychiatrist whose obsession with the Joker ultimately transforms into madness and twisted love. Leto’s Joker, shirtless but with a slick jacket, doesn’t have the tattoos from that first official image quite yet (but his car does have a vanity plate that says “HAHAHA”).


Suicide Squad Joker car


Even with very little audible dialogue, the action in the scene is easy to follow. Dr. Quinzel has stopped the Joker by literally standing in the path of his car. She demands that he get out. He does. They have a very animated conversation and we get a great look at how Leto moves as the character, bobbing and weaving like a cartoon psychopath. An innocent bystander approaches with a tire iron. Harley guns him down and then points her weapon at the Joker. The Joker takes that gun from her and points it as his own head ... before smacking her across the face and getting back in his car.


Joker Harley Quinn



So there you go: they are most definitely not shying away from the abusive relationship between these two, which is surely going to ruffle some feathers. Harley Quinn is a massively popular character who, especially in recent years, has developed her own comic book identity as something other than her evil boyfriend’s sidekick. Hopefully, the movie will chart that evolution and not linger on supervillain domestic violence.

Suicide Squad is set to open on August 6, 2016.

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