This coming summer, Marvel is debuting its arena stage show, Marvel Universe Live!, and now we can see some of the prominent heroines, and one villainess, who will be taking the stage.

Popsugar got a hold of the images of Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Maria Hill, Black Cat, and baddie Madame Hydra that the show's producers are using for the basis of their versions of the characters. One more character, Pepper Potts, was revealed on the show's Facebook page Tuesday.

It's interesting to see how "straight-from-the-comic" the character designs are, not only for these female characters, but from what's been shown of the entire lineup thus far. Rather than going with flashy redesigns like the shuttering Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Broadway musical, the live show seems to be pointing straight to its source material. The Captain Marvel design is straight up Jamie McKelvie's artwork, and that's cool to see.

You can take a look below.