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Dan Harmon Clarifies 'Rick and Morty' Season 3 Delay Comment
The third season of Adult Swim favorite Rick and Morty got a slight update this week with co-creator Dan Harmon’s insight into the delay, citing “fights” with himself and partner Justin Roiland. As you can imagine, “fights” can be a loaded term, for which Harmon speaks out again to clarify “the truth is not dramatic.”
Most of Dan Harmon’s ‘Doctor Strange’ Jokes Didn’t Make It in the Final Cut
Sometimes humor doesn’t come from jokes, but perspective. And when you’re making one superhero movie after another in the same cinematic universe, it can be helpful to get an outsider’s two cents. That’s what Marvel did when they brought on Community creator Dan Harmon to help with some last-minute script work on Doctor Strange. Now the film’s director Scott Derrickson has revealed what exactly Harmon’s contributions were.
'Rick and Morty' Season 3: Dan Harmon Takes Blame for Delay
Fans of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty have been admittedly patient with Season 3; last projected to air in 2016, after Season 2 finished the prior October. There’s good news and bad on that front, as while the new season remains deep in production, co-creator Dan Harmon stepped up to blame himself for the delay.
Dan Harmon’s Magic Touch Made ‘Doctor Strange’ Funnier
Back in August, Marvel raised some eyebrows when they announced that Dan Harmon was stepping in to fiddle around with the script of Doctor Strange. Harmon is the creator of Community and co-creator of Rick and Morty, both extremely funny shows, so everyone pretty much came to the same conclusion: Marvel realized that Doctor Strange needed some humor, and Harmon was just the right man for the job. Now, Marvel’s president Kevin Feige, who’s been making the rounds and revealing all kinds of things lately, has confirmed that, yes, Harmon was brought on to add some spice to the Doctor Strange script.
Dan Harmon Might’ve Leaked a ‘Doctor Strange’ Spoiler
Nobody knows exactly what Dan Harmon’s role in writing some additional last-minute scenes for Doctor Strange is exactly, and he hasn’t revealed anything aside from the fact that he will be on the writing team. But some Marvel fans have a lot of time on their hands, and CinemaBlend reports that a Reddit thread might hold the key to Doctor Strange’s mysteries.
‘Doctor Strange’ Taps Dan Harmon to Write New Scenes
Doctor Strange is set to hit theaters in a couple of months, but it looks like there’s still a little work left to do on Marvel’s latest superhero outing. The studio is reportedly receiving some assistance from a (pleasantly) surprising source, as Community creator Dan Harmon has been hired to help write some last-minute scenes for the upcoming film.
'Rick and Morty' Reenact Insane Vulgar Court Transcript
Rick and Morty has yet to set an official return date for Season 3, likely eyed somewhere toward late 2016, but never you fear for lack of new material. A new video from Comic-Con 2016 has emerged, featuring creator Justin Roiland acting out one of the most insane pre-trial transcripts in recorded history, complete with animation.
Kyle Starks Announced As New Writer Of Oni Press' 'Rick And Morty'
Dan Harmon's hit animated show Rick and Morty is a property tailor-made for comics, packed full of mad science, alternate worlds and family drama. The ongoing series from Oni Press has been a huge hit with fans of the show, and later this year one of independent comics In an exclusive interview with LA Times, Oni Press announced that Sexcastle writer Kyle Starks will be taking over the ongoing series beginning in July. Drawn by the regular team of CJ Cannon and Ryan Hill with back-ups by Marc Ellerby, Starks' joins the book for five issues beginning with Rick and Morty #16.
Oni Brings 'Rick And Morty' To The Universe Of Comics [NYCC]
The Adult Swim animated series Rick And Morty is about as well-suited for a comics adaptation as anything on TV. It's got a psychopathic mad scientist, inter-dimensional adventures, and lots of teenage growing pains. That's likely why the Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon-created series will be coming to Oni Press next year in a new comic written by Costume Quest: Invasion of the Candy Snatchers scribe Zac Gorman.
Study Group Goes All-Out With 3D Comics Bonanza [Preview]
Were it not for the 3D -- a concept I am yet to be sold on in any medium -- it would appear that Study Group head honcho Zack Soto gazed into the musty abyss that is my head-space and fashioned the new Study Group anthology accordingly. At 96 pages, it contains comics by some of the artists I'm most excited by right now: Connor Willumsen, Sophie Franz, Mia Schwarz, Benjamin Urkowitz, Pete Toms, David King, Julia Gfrorer & Sean T. Collins, and more.

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