David Nakayama

Best Covers Ever (This Year): Marvel Comics 2016 Edition
It’s that blessed time of the year where we all try to take stock of what we’ve done with our lives and what other people have created that we enjoyed. That's right, it's time to start putting together our "Best of 2016" lists, and today we're going to take a look at the Best Marvel Covers of 2016.
Screen & Page: Save The Day With 'Big Hero 6'
Screen & Page usually looks at great anime that has made the transition to the manga page, but this week we're making another exception, this time for a North American animation that also made the jump to manga, Big Hero 6. Big Hero 6 is not an anime, and the presence of Japanese characters or an anime-derived aesthetic certainly doesn't make it an anime. But it is the highest-profile Disney animated film to get a manga adaptation, and the first to get its own promotional manga ahead of release. Plus, the title's journey from page to screen to page again --- a journey that never would have happened without the 1990s anime boom --- is fascinating.
David Nakayama Discusses 'Marvel Avengers Academy'
Outside of a few family friendly exceptions, Marvel's video game catalog over the past few years has been decidedly mobile-focused. Currently, there are four different Marvel video games which can be found on iOS and Android devices almost exclusively, including this year's latest addition to the catalog, Marvel Avengers Academy. We spoke with Marvel Avengers Academy Art Lead David Nakayama about designing this world and these characters, and setting Avengers Academy apart from the rest of Marvel's current gaming library. We've also got an exclusive look at some of the concept art for the hit mobile game.
Best Comic Book Covers Ever (This Month): November 2014
A great comic book cover is an advertisement, a work of art, a statement, and an invitation. A great comic book cover is a glimpse of another world through a canvas no bigger than a window pane. In Best Comic Book Covers Ever (This Month), we look back over some of the most eye-catching, original and exceptional covers of the past month November's covers include some superb compositions, some new twists on familiar iconography, a Catwoman, a Batgirl, and an enormous killer whale. Check out some excellent comic covers from familiar names like Michael Del Mundo and David Nakayama, and some new names for this column, like Butch Guice and David Rapoza.
City of Heroes #20 Preview
Our friends at Top Cow have provided Comics Alliance with a 5 page preview of the new City of Heroes #20. City of Heroes #20(W) Sean Fish & Matt Miller(P) Jon Landry(C) Blond(Cov) David Nakayama Positron discovers a terrible threat from the Rikti. An ...