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Embracing Color: Tamra Bonvillain Talks Style And Credit
Tamra Bonvillain is one of the hardest working people in comics. She's coloring a ton of comics: Doom Patrol, Wayward, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, Nighthawk... the list goes on and on. If you're into comics, whether it be Marvel and DC superhero books, or creator-owned comics, you've read something colored by Bonvillain. ComicsAlliance sat down with Bonvillain at Emerald City Comicon to talk about her history in comics, her coloring style, and giving credit where credit is due.
Marvel Heroes Unite Against Steve Rogers' 'Secret Empire'
We're marching ever closer to 2017's all-Nazi, all-the-time mega-event Secret Empire but it seems that a good number of the Marvel heroes aren't going to take the HYDRA takeover lying down. The publisher has announced a number of one-shots tying into the event that feature the likes of Mockingbird, Emma Frost and Black Widow forming groups to stand up to Steve Rogers definitely-not-a-Nazi-we-promise regime.
'Glitterbomb' And The Dark Side Of Hollywood [Interview]
Glitterbomb is a comic that's never what you expect it to be. It's a story about an actress struggling to regain her fame in an sexist, abusive industry and when the resentment she feels manifests in horrifying and incomprehensible ways, she decides to get her revenge. With the first miniseries complete and a collection on the horizon, ComicsAlliance chatted to Jim Zub and Djibril Morissette-Phan about their unique Hollywood tragedy and what the future has in store for the series.
On The Cheap: Stock Up On 'Pathfinder' Comics & Adventure Paths
Tabletop roleplaying is alive and well, and possibly more popular than its ever been and for over eight years Pathfinder has provided some of the most exciting, daring and thrilling adventure paths and story routes in recent memory. If you're a huge RPG nut or are seeking an easy way into the hobby, the new Humble Bundle has a veritable treasure trove of sourcebooks, adventure paths and guides to dig into, as well as a whole host of amazing Pathfinder comics.
If You Loved 'Doctor Strange', Try These Comics Next
The weekend numbers are in, and Marvel Studio's latest, Doctor Strange, is a hit! It takes the now classic Marvel origin formula and gives it a fresh coat of mystical paint while expanding what we know about the shared universe and offering innovative solutions to world-ending problems. Comic books outside of the Big Two superhero universes are full of stories about magic, demons and alternate dimensions and we've put together a list of five of the best independent titles for you to try next.
Songbird And Steve Rogers Arrive In 'Thunderbolts' #7 [Preview]
The inevitable comes to pass in Thunderbolts #7, by Jim Zub and Sean Izzakse, when two Avengers find out what Bucky and the Thunderbolts have been up to. One is Captain America, Steve Rogers that is, who was Bucky's partner long before the Thunderbolts were a thing. The other is Songbird, a founding member of the Thunderbolts team. Ironically, while former supervillain/pro wrestler Songbird is a totally legit hero now, Captain America isn't anymore. He's a double agent for Hydra, thanks to some nonsense the Red Skull pulled in Cap's own book. So how they each react to Bucky's capture should be very telling.
'Monsters Unleashed' Takes Over The Marvel Universe In Special One-Shots
Marvel's upcoming event Monsters Unleashed looks set to live up to its name as the publisher has announced it will be spinning out of the main miniseries and into specially branded one-shots that are all numbered #1.MU. Among the one-shots include special issues of Spider-Man/Deadpool and Avengers allowing creators to really run wild with some of the Marvel's most well-known franchises.
'Thunderbolts' And 'Squirrel Girl' Anniversaries In 2017
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Thunderbolts will both celebrate major anniversaries in 2017 with oversized specials that bring back the characters' original creators to work alongside their current teams. It's both a pretty cool way to observe these anniversaries, and a sign of just how much Marvel today is tied to what was going on in the '90s!
Behind the Scenes on Image Comics' Glitterbomb
This fall, Jim Zub, Djibril Morissett-Phan, K. Michael Russell, and Marshall Dillon will launch Glitterbomb through Image Comics. The story follows an actress named Farrah caught in the Hollywood trap of daring to age, whose frustrations summon something from beyond --- something she may not entirely be able to control. This new horror comic hones in on the effects of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the terrifying results of its grind on the people it chews up. Ahead of Glitterbomb's release, Jim Zub takes us behind the scenes of the creation of the book, from its earliest days as a mere concept, all the way through the final printed pages kicking off the first issue.

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