Finn And Jake Get Super Intense About Fishing In ‘Adventure Time’ #9 [Preview]
There's unwinding while fishing and then there's unwinding by way of super intense fishing. Can you guess which method Finn and Jake prefer in the Adventure Time #9 backup story by brothers Chris and Shane Houghton? I think you can! Joining a main story by Ryan North and artists Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb, the Houghton brothers (also collaborators on the all-ages Reed Gunther) show what happe
Anthony Clark Works Comic Wizardry In His ‘Adventure Time’ #6 Backup [Preview]
Though it's only in its sixth issue, Boom! Studios' ongoing Adventure Time series has already become one of comics' most notable showcases for talent fans know and love from the world of webcomics and social media. In addition to its regular creative team of writer Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics) and artists Shelli Paroline and Chris Houghton, the comic regularly features alternate covers and backup

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