Hello Kitty Beer
I'm someone who enjoys an adult beverage every now and then, but since I'm also someone whose tastes basically stopped at the age of 12, I tend to really hate the bitter taste of beer. Up to now, I've solved this problem pretty handily by just dumping a pint of ethanol and a bag of Skittles into a blender, but many are the nights where I've been in the throes of delirium, wondering why there isn't
Julia Wertz Shares Her Hilariously Profane Letters from Rehab
The one frustrating thing about Drinking at the Movies, Julia Wertz's memoir of her early, soused months in Brooklyn, New York, is that at the end, almost as an afterthought, Wertz mentions that she got sober. She ends her book on the cusp of a major transition, from someone who is still amused by her own whiskey-soaked antics to someone who wonders if all that drinking is wrecking her life... Rea
‘Pokemon’ Drinking Game Invites You To Chug ‘Em All
I've never really been a big fan of drinking games. When I'm inebriated, my attention tends to be too focused on stuff like off-key singing, uncomfortable side-hugs and talking way too loud about what's really the best Batman story to keep my focus on rules or dice...
Comic Book Cocktail Recipes For Your New Year’s Party!
It's the end of the year, and that means that it's once again time for New Year's Eve: The Drinkingest Holiday of All! It's not just popping the champagne at midnight that makes it the tipsiest night of the year, it's the fact that parties built entirely around the twin themes of celebrating and getting ready for new things make the perfect opportunity to try out a few brand new, largely untested