Kickstarted: Alex de Campi’s ‘Ashes’
I like Kickstarter a lot. It's an efficient way to directly connect with artists while also making sure that a project that interests you gets funded. There are still a few hitches that need to be worked out, but my experience with Kickstarter has been largely positive...
‘Ashes’ Creators Split, Demonstrating a Potential Danger of Kickstarter
As made plain in ComicsAlliance's Year-End Infographic tracking comic book projects funded by the Kickstarter platform, Ashes was among 2011's most successful crowd-supported comics. Written by Alex de Campi and illustrated by Jimmy Broxton, the proposed 256-page graphic novel was funded to the tune of $32,455 in donations, money that was to go towards production of the book and compensation for B
Alex de Campi on ‘Ashes,’ Comics Publishing and Selling Film Rights on Kickstarter [Interview]
Written by Alex de Campi and illustrated by Igor Kordey, Smoke was a critical favorite when it was originally released by IDW Publishing in 2005, earning an Eisner nomination for Best Limited Series. Six years later, de Campi is back with artist Jimmy Broxton to complete the slightly dystopian, deeply cynical and darkly comical poli-spy saga in Ashes, a 250-page graphic novel whose completion dep