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First Second Announces New Graphic Novel From Andi Watson, 'Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula'
Fresh off his lengthy series of short Gum Girl graphic novels, cartoonist Andi Watson is shifting gears toward a long-form, "adorably spooky" title coming from First Second in winter 2015. Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula will follow the exploits of an overworked underworld princess who decides to hire a chef (who happens to also be a vampire) to help her achieve her day-to-day task
‘Dark Horse Presents’ Brand New Work by Fabio Moon [Preview]
On sale now is Dark Horse Presents #6, the latest issue of Dark Horse's prestigious anthology series. Featuring no distracting advertisements, the 80-page book contains material by such reliably entertaining comics creators as Robert Love, Peter Hogan, Carla Speed McNeil, Filipe Melo, Neal Adams, Steve Niles and David Walker...
Taking a Look at CLUBBING and DC’s New Minx Line
According to a quote from Karen Berger in a terribly-titled Wall Street Journal article, the folks at DC have been "looking at the success of manga as a great sign that teenage girls were actually reading comics again." The result of all that looking is Minx, a new line of young adult graphic novels aimed at girls ...