Andrea Sorrentino

Good Thing: Andrea Sorrentino's Grounded Approach To Logan
Superheroes are usually all about flying around, big fights, and being larger than life. In Old Man Logan, the outgoing creative team of Andrea Sorrentino, Jeff Lemire and Marcelo Maiolo mixes that with a slightly different approach. In this series, Logan remains pretty grounded. His costume becomes a brown leather jacket, and most of the time his fights are pretty brutal, and mostly involve people getting straight up punched in the face. And it all hinges on Sorrentino's take on Wolverine. It's leaning heavily on realism, with sharp blacks that add a noirish vibe.
Marvel Universe vs Captain America In 'Secret Empire'
Since Marvel revealed that Captain America, Steve Rogers was a Nazi --- I'm sorry, "agent of HYDRA" --- last year, we all knew it would blow up eventually, and earlier this year the publisher announced plans for a summer event titled Secret Empire. Today, Marvel spilled some of the beans on what exactly Secret Empire is and how it will impact the heroes of the Marvel Universe.
On The Cheap: 'Green Arrow' Comixology Anniversary Sale
This week, DC Comics is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Green Arrow who debuted alongside Aquaman (whose anniversary was celebrated last week) in More Fun Comics #73. To celebrate seventy five years of the Emerald Archer, Comixology has a week long sale featuring a host of his defining runs, so you can stock up on classic stories while you wait for Arrow to return for its fifth season.
Get A First Look At 'Old Man Logan'. You Know, For Kids
I'm not really sure I understand why Old Man Logan is a thing. The original series by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven is one of the most miserable and misanthropic comics you'll ever be unfortunate enough to read, and injecting that streak of vinegar into the Marvel Universe doesn't feel like much of a win. Besides, the character's main distinction from the usual Wolverine is that his hair is grey. Logan was already a grumpy old dude. Oh, and this Logan is alive. That's a pretty good distinction. This refugee from another timeline in the newly rebooted Marvel Universe allows Marvel to keep telling new Wolverine tales without hurriedly backtracking the death of the previous Wolverine, who got turned into a hood ornament not so very long ago. It's a deft bit of shuffling to create the illusion of permanent change, but if the result is that Laura Kinney gets to be Wolverine for a little bit, I'm in favor of it. Plus, this new Old Man Logan series comes from Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino, and that's a solid creative team. Maybe they can make something great from this wet wodge of unhappiness?
'All-New X-Men' Reveals Longtime X-Man As Gay
The Advocate has published leaked pages from All-New X-Men #40, on sale tomorrow, which reveal that one of the characters is secretly gay. It's a big moment, and one that could potentially increase gay visibility in the Marvel Universe in a significant way, but there are complications to the story that make it hard to read as an unambiguous victory for LGBTQ representation. Read on if you don't mind having the issue spoiled.