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Preview: Soccer Player Versus Dinosaur In 'Savage'
Generally speaking, comics are built around endless conflicts. It's why we have the concept of the arch-enemy, the nemesis who keeps returning, implacable and unstoppable, locked in combat for eternity. And in all of comics, no rivalry, no enmity has ever been as fierce and undying as that of Soccer Player versus Dinosaur. Okay, so maybe that's not one that we're used to seeing. But if you don't want to see a velociraptor get Penalty Kicked into the atmosphere, then you and I are looking for different things out of comics. And in November, soccer player versus dinosaur is what we're getting from B. Clay Moore, Clayton Henry, and Lewis LaRosa in Savage. Check out a preview!
Guide to San Diego Comic Con, Part Two: Saturday & Sunday
San Diego Comic Con is without a doubt the biggest event on the industry’s calendar, and people will be flying from around the world to attend panels, watch trailers, meet creators, and make friends. This year’s event is bigger than ever, with so much going on every single day that it can be difficult to sift through all that information and decide how to spend your time. Yesterday we gave a rundown on what to expect on Thursday and Friday, but things heat up as the weekend kicks in and the major studios make their presence known. Expect big reveals from Marvel Studios, DC's TV offerings and more, plus great panels featuring your favorite creators in comics.
Valiant Unveils New Titles For 'The Future of Valiant'
The second annual Valiant Summit just wrapped at the UCB Theatre in New York City, the Belle of the East Coast. Broadcast on livestream, the summit saw several writers and artists take to the stage to talk about a string of new books from the publisher that will fall under the banner “The Future of Valiant”, including Rafer Roberts, Jody Houser, and Matt Kindt. The event was Valiant's answer to Image Expo, with five new titles announced, including the long-rumbled Britannia, plus the previously announced Faith ongoing. Here's the full rundown.
The Best Stories From The 'Adventures of Superman' Anthology
With the wrap-up of writer Joe Keatinge's multi-artist "Strange Visitor" epic in Adventures of Superman last week, the series is nearing a full year of weekly, digital Superman stories. It's easily been the best, most daring Superman title DC Comics has been publishing in 2013 and 2014 (and not just because Superman gets to wear his real costume in it). Edited by Alex Antone,  Adventures
Planet Comicon 2014 Comic Creator Photos
Kansas City's Planet Comicon has steadily grown into what may be the biggest comics and pop culture convention in the Midwest. After spending several years in the Overland Park Convention Center, a mid-sized facility in a suburb of Kansas City, last year Planet Comicon moved to Bartle Hall, a much bigger facility in the heart of downtown. This year, the convention doubled in floorspace, drew cospl
Tony Harris & B. Clay Moore’s ‘Whistling Skull’ Resurfaces As ‘JSA: The Liberty Files’ Miniseries
DC Comics has announced JSA: The Liberty Files - The Whistling Skull, a new six-issue miniseries created by Tony Harris (Starman, Ex Machina) and B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick, '76) that's set in Europe during the days of World War II. The previous Liberty Files projects, last published in 2003, focused on the "Unholy Three": the Bat (Batman), the Owl (Doctor Mid-Nite) and the Clock (Hour
DC to Resurrect a Bevy of War Titles This September
DC's headed (back) to battlefield conflicts this September with the reintroduction of several classic war titles in the form of one-shots helmed by fan-favorite creators. Among the battle-imbued books will be "Weird War Tales" by Ivan Brandon and Darwyn Cooke, "Our Fighting Forces" by B...