ICYMI: Batgirl and Batwing's Luchadore Makeover
Batgirl has been firing on all cylinders since the creative team of Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr came aboard just over a year ago, and has carved a niche as not only one of the most exciting books published by DC Comics, but as a book that's genuinely representative of the millennial experience. It might just be the amount of Lucha Underground that this particular millennial watches, but the most exciting moment in comics this week came from Batgirl #48, with the team joined by Rob Haynes, Serge LaPointe and Lee Loughridge.
Talking 'Batman: Bad Blood' With Tucker, Oliva and Bourassa
here's another new Batman animated movie on the horizon from DC and Warner Bros. Animation. Shocking, I know. Due to arrive in 2016, Batman: Bad Blood centers around the disappearance of Batman himself, and features Nightwing, Damian Wayne and other members for the Bat-family searching for their mentor. Though it draws a little inspiration from events surrounding Batman, Inc., Bad Blood is another the DC Animated Universe's original tales. More importantly, it finally introduces some much-needed diversity into the animated Bat-family with additions of Batwoman and Batwing. At New York Comic Con, the creative team and some of the cast gathered to talk about the film. We were on hand for the round table session with director Jay Oliva, character designer Phil Bourassa and the DC animated feature supervising producer, James Tucker to talk about the film, and the importance of getting new blood beyond the traditional heroes into these direct-to-video features.
Best Sequential Art Ever (This Week): 2-6-14
The comic book, animation, illustration, pinup, mashup, fan art and design communities are generating amazing artwork of myriad styles and tastes, all of which ends up on the Internet and filtered into ComicsAlliance’s Best Art Ever (This Week). These images convey senses of mood and character — not to mention artistic skill — but comic books are specifically a medium of sequential narratives, and great sequential art has to be both beautiful (totally subjective!) and clear in its storytelling (not so subjective!). The words and the pictures need to work together to tell the story and create whatever tone, emotion and indeed world the story requires. The contributions of every person on a creative team, from the writer to the artist(s) to the letterers, are necessary to achieving a great page of sequential storytelling. It is the special nature of comic books that we’re celebrating in this recurring feature: Best Sequential Art Ever (This Week).
ComicsAlliance Reviews Every Comic in DC’s ‘New 52′: Week 1
The first major wave of new #1 DC Comics finally hit stores this week, following last week's solo debut of Justice League. The biggest question for most fans facing racks and racks of new books is simple: Which ones should I try? The ComicsAlliance staff has gathered together to help answer that with a roundtable review of every relaunched DC book this week: Action Comics, Animal Man, Batgirl, Bat
‘Batwing’ #3 Cover by Ben Oliver [Exclusive Art]
Courtesy of DC Comics, ComicsAlliance brings you an exclusive first look at Ben Oliver's cover for Batwing #3, on sale in November. Featuring interior artwork by Oliver with a script by Jud Winick, the issue continues the adventures of David Zavimbi, the Batman of Africa...