Black Panther and The Crew

A New Team Bands Together In 'Black Panther & The Crew' #1
Spinning out of Ta-Nehisi Coates' groundbreaking Black Panther comes The Crew, a new series co-written by Coates and his World of Wakanda collaborator, Yona Harvey, with art by the legendary Butch Guice. The team consists of Black Panther, Luke Cage, Storm, Misty Knight, and Manifold, who are investigating the death of a Harlem activist.
Coates On 'Black Panther And The Crew' With Harvey & Guice
Black Panther is one of the hottest characters under the Marvel umbrella right now. Not only does he have a huge blockbuster film on the horizon for next year, but there are two critically acclaimed ongoing titles that bear his name. Later this year, that number climbs to three as current steward of the franchise Ta-Nehisi Coates team up with poet Yona Harvey and artist Butch Guice for Black Panther and the Crew, which takes T'Challa to Harlem and re-teams him with some of his closest friends.