Blackest Night

‘Blackest Night’ In 60 Seconds
Last week, DC's blockbuster "Blackest Night" crossover was released, wrapping up a story that spread out over 88 issues. But what exactly happened in all those comics? As a public service to our readers, ComicsAlliance has the answer, as Senior Writer Chris Sims recaps the high points of the entire story in only sixty seconds...
Hulk Hogan’s Hilarious 2008 Green Lantern Message Board Shout-out
Professional wrestling and comics have always had a symbiotic (sometimes bordering on parasitic) relationship, but on the whole, there's always a little something righteous about the two worlds colliding. Take Hulk Hogan's 2008 online shoutout to "The Green Lantern Corps Message Board and its members" on behalf of a AndrewMDB...
Hot Ink — Blackest Night #8, She-Hulk Sensational One-Shot, RASL #7
ComicsAlliance reviews the biggest, best, and most interesting comics that hit the shelves this week. SPOILERS FOLLOW. DOWNPLAYING TURNING THIRTY - She-Hulk Sensational One-Shot This year marks She-Hulk's thirtieth anniversary, which puts Marvel in a bit of a pickle because they'd like to celebrate it but Jennifer Walters doesn't actually have her own book at the moment...
Blackest Night: How the DC Comics Audience Got Their Groove Back
To say that DC Comics has galvanized their fanbase with "Blackest Night" is like saying that "Thriller" had a couple of hit songs. The Geoff Johns/Ivan Reis spacefaring zombie superhero epic -- whose final issue hits on Wednesday -- has been a gigantic success for the publisher on almost every conceivable level, selling comics, trinkets, action figures, t-shirts and convention
The ComicsAlliance Quiz: Which Lantern Corps Are You?
Over the past few years of "Green Lantern" and "Blackest Night," the DC Universe has expanded its roster of ring-slingers fueled by emotions (including, curiously enough, "Death"), and left comics fans wondering just where they fit in. And now, ComicsAlliance has the answer...
Hot Ink — Blackest Night #7, Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island #1, We Will Bury You #1
ComicsAlliance reviews the biggest, best, and most interesting comics that hit the shelves this week. SAVING MY REMAINING AC-DC PUNS FOR THE LAST ISSUE - Blackest Night 7 "Blackest Night"'s main title book is back after taking the month of January off, possibly in the hopes that we'd forget how it claimed that every single character resurrection that's ever occurred in the DC Universe

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