Review Roundup: “Blackest Night”
The first issue of "Blackest Night," the biggest DC event of the summer, came out on Wednesday, raising numerous DC characters from the grave as evil zombies. The reviews are now in, and we've collected the best of the bunch for your reading convenience: Rob Bricken, Topless Robot:Admittedly, the whole issue feels like more of a zombie movie than a major event comic, which I could see pi
Free Reversible Zombie Shirts at Comic-Con
Zombies. You cannot get enough of them, I know. While "Blackest Night" is busy serving up a virtual smorgasbord of superhero zombies, Capcom will be giving away FREE reversible zombie shirts for their new "Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles" game at Comic-Con...
Hot Ink — Unthinkable, Blackest Night, Rasl
ComicsAlliance reviews the biggest -- and best -- books coming out this week. A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE PRINTERS - Unthinkable #3 While attempting to travel last May, Mark Sable had an unexpected run-in with the law. Mark Sable is not the name of the series' hero, however; "Unthinkable" follows a writer named Alan Ripley, whose success as a terrorist conspiracy writer in
Lanterns vs. Care Bears: Emotion Deathmatch
The upcoming Green Lantern comics event 'Blackest Night' is based around a colorful idea: the green willpower of the Green Lanterns and the yellow fear power of the Sinestro Corps aren't alone; there's actually an entire rainbow of Lanterns, with ROYGBIV energy powers based on different emotions...