DC Collectibles Solicitations For January 2013
A new year means new action figures, busts and statues from DC Collectibles, although official solicitation listings indicate the company will kick off 2013 with a relatively conservative amount of merchandise. In January DCC will roll out a new Death statue, a Frank Miller-style Superman statue, a Booster Gold bust and a New 52 Green Arrow action figure, with prices ranging from about $23 to $80,
Life-Sized Thor Bust Cracks Thunder, Looks Like Willem Dafoe
I love Thor. If you're talking about a heavily muscled Norse God with a hulking hammer, an uncanny knack for cracking thunder and hilariously archaic speech patterns, then you're speaking my language. That said, even I might have to draw a line when it comes to my love for Marvel's goldilocked Thunder God - a line that starts with the introduction of Sideshow Collectibles and Marvel Entertainment'
EXCLUSIVE: Megan Fox & Josh Brolin ‘Jonah Hex’ Busts Debut
It's hard to believe that a "Jonah Hex" movie is hitting theaters before "Wonder Woman" or "The Flash," but that's what we're looking at. Luckily, "Hex" looks like it's going to be a pretty cool affair thanks to the involvement of Josh Brolin (the star of "No Country For Old Men" and a lifelong Goonie) as Hex himself...