Can Appropriate Artist Credit Co-exist With Tumblr And Buzzfeed?
Last week, cartoonist Rachel Dukes posted some eye-opening statistics to her Tumblr about a comic she made about what life as a cat owner is like. She originally published the comic with a copyright notice and a URL to her website. That version of the comic has been seen about 81,600 times. Another version, from which someone removed the URL and copyright info, has been seen nearly 600,000 times,
Captcha Codes Find True Meaning in CAPTCHArt Comics
Captcha codes lead a pretty thankless existence. For all of their hard work keeping bots at bay on Craigslist, it's all too easy to look down on the incoherent gateways based on their capacity to annoy. The CAPTCHArt Tumblr takes a different view, however, harnessing the random wiggly codes' deeper meanings for hilarious user-submitted comics and bringing heart to a robotic process...