Carmen Carnero

'The Adventures Of Supergirl' Is Coming To Print In May
Say what you will about DC's mass media projects, but one thing they've been very good about over the past few years is giving giving us plenty of comics meant to take advantage of their mass media success. With Batman v Superman hitting screens this month, it's at the point where you literally can't open a box of Cheerios without finding a comic book in there somewhere, but for the TV universe, they've been relying on digital-first comics like The Adventures of Supergirl to help turn viewers into readers. Now, though, it looks like they're expanding that plan into print. As announced today, DC will be publishing Adventures of Supergirl as a bimonthly comic at $2.99, serializing the digital-first stories that tie into the CBS Supergirl show in advance of a paperback collection set to debut this fall.
'Dragon Age: Magekiller' #1 Is The Adventure That Thedas Demands
I think I can pinpoint the moment that I fell in love with the backstory of the Dragon Age games as my realization that Thedas, the name of the world in which all your adventures were taking place, was really just an acronym for "The Dragon Age Setting," which just happened to sound like a nifty name for a fantasy world. Even beyond that, though, I love the world-building that goes on in those games, and the way that it's weaved into a story that feels like it has a vast history full of cultures and religions that are engaging and vibrant, with bits and pieces that are even more interesting than the main storyline sometimes. But as much as I love reading all that stuff in the game itself, and as much as I'd prefer it if there was a way to read all that stuff without having to stop in the middle of my dungeon crawling and page through whatever ancient tome I just picked up, it's not the kind of thing that I thought I'd be into reading, say, an entire novel about. It was going to take a lot to get me to follow it from the game into another medium, which is probably why Dark Horse decided to give the new Dragon Age: Magekiller comic to the creative team of Greg Rucka and Carmen Carnero, and ended up with a comic that's unsurprisingly pretty great.
Rucka, Carnero Launch 'Dragon Age: Magekiller' at Dark Horse
After a week that already saw Greg Rucka announce a new project at Image Expo alongside Nicola Scott (the supernatural crime procedural Black Magick), on top of ongoing concerns Lazarus with Michael Lark and the Lady Sabre webcomic with Rick Burchett, it probably felt like Rucka had enough on his plate. As it turns out, there was room for one more new book, announced just before this week's San Diego Comic-Con, and now we know what it is: Dragon Age: Magekiller, a new miniseries based on Bioware's popular series of video games.
Exploring The Father/Son Dynamic In 'Cyclops: Starstruck'
Starstruck, the first trade of the new Cyclops series, which collects the whole Greg Rucka, Russell Dauterman and Carmen Carnero run with the character, sidesteps the adult revolutionary version of Cyclops, who is currently proving to be the only acceptable mutant leader in the Marvel Universe right now – to focus on the teenaged version of his past self. You see, at the start of All-New X-Men, Beast wrecked the timestream (in classic awful Beast fashion because he’s the worst) by bringing teenaged versions of the original five X-Men into the present day, basically so he could try out a guilt-trip on their present-day versions. This has caused countless problems and a lot of angst, which recently culminated with the young version of Cyclops deciding to race off into space for some quality time with his dad… who just so happens to be a notorious intergalactic outlaw pirate with rad facial hair. Probably the right choice.