'Supergirl' 'Flash' Crossover Details, 'Arrow' Next Year?
Supergirl has steadily unveiled more and more of its upcoming Flash crossover, though without perhaps acknowledging how The CW’s Barry Allen ends up on CBS. Now, a new report reveals the mechanism behind our Super teamup, while Grant Gustin teases the possibility of adding Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow into the mix next year.
'Supergirl' and 'Flash' Race in New Crossover Teaser
If yesterday seemed abnormally bright, it might have had something to do with the adorable first photos of Supergirl and The Flash crossing over for the former’s March 28 “Worlds Finest.” You just knew there had to be a race as well, the first footage of which arrives in a new crossover tease!
'Supergirl' 'Flash' Crossover Photos are Super-Adorable
Earlier today saw Supergirl and The Flash keeping their crossover under wraps with a fleeting new teaser, but Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin have just too much fun to be contained. See the “Worlds Finest” in action with the full set of adorable crossover photos for TV’s brightest DC heroes!
'Supergirl' Stars Tease 'Flash' Crossover, Barry-Kara Spark
We’re just a few weeks away from seeing Supergirl and The Flash team up in live-action, but from the sounds of it the “Worlds Finest” have more in common than just superpowers. Cast and crew tease Barry and Kara’s big teamup, including a surprising spark, a legendary race, and an “infectious and exciting and upbeat and happy” tale to remember.
'Supergirl' Flashes Another 'Legion of Super Heroes' Tease
Just days after we first learned that The Flash would race over to Supergirl by March’s end, The CW teased their first official crossover with a vision of Kara in Barry’s “Welcome to Earth-2.” Eagle-eyed viewers also spotted a Legion of Super-Heroes easter egg as well, which tonight’s Supergirl revealed as another connection between the two worlds. What could it mean?
'Supergirl' Might Hint at Lobo in New 'Truth, Justice' Clip
Supergirl has certainly opened up DC’s live-action endeavors to alien comic characters that neither Arrow nor Flash have space to explore, and a fan-favorite may soon make his debut. A new clip from tonight’s “Truth, Justice and the American Way” seems to allude to a certain “interstellar bounty hunter,” but could it be the main man himself, DC’s Lobo?

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