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ICYMI: A Favorite Mutant Fell To Terrigen In 'Death Of X' #1
Since the Marvel Universe jumped eight months ahead following the conclusion of Secret Wars, the biggest mystery left unanswered has centered on the relationship between the X-Men and the Inhumans; specifically regarding the toxic Terrigen Cloud killing mutants around the world. This week, we got our first look at the events that sparked the conflict that will eventually lead to the disappearance or death of Cyclops, with a look at the first mutant to fall to M-Pox in Jeff Lemire, Charles Soule, Aaron Kuder and Morry Hollowell's Death of X #1.
If You Love Chikara Pro Wrestling, Try These Comics Next
Chikara Pro Wrestling is wrestling for people that think they might not like wrestling. It’s essentially a fast-paced, high-action stunt show with plenty of drama, comedy and excitement, and it's essentially the closest thing you’ll get to seeing superheroes in real life. I love Chikara so much that I've just spent three days watching the huge King of Trios tournament alongside other ComicsAlliance staffers!. If you love Chikara or the art of lucha libre in general, there’s a wealth of comics out there for you. Earlier this year, I recommended five comics for fans of WrestleMania, but this week I’ve chosen five comics with a decidedly lucha twist that are perfect for fans of Chikara Pro Wrestling. Love that? Try this!
If You Love 'Star Trek', Try These Comics Next
This year we're celebrating fifty years of Star Trek, and as part of the celebrations there's not only a brand new film in cinemas now, but Bryan Fuller is also working on a new television series titled Star Trek: Discovery, due out next year. Star Trek's vision of the future can represent the very best of who we can be as a species, but often it shows how easily it is to become corrupt. We've selected five of the best independent sci-fi comics to check out after seeing Star Trek: Beyond in the cinema. Love that? Try this!
'Death Of X' To Reveal What Happened Between X-Men & Inhumans
When Marvel Comics resumed normal publishing with the All-New, All-Different initiative in the wake of Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic's Secret Wars, the timeline had jumped eight months ahead to a world where the Terrigen Bomb had made Inhumans more prominent than ever, but had begun killing off mutants, forcing the X-Men to retreat to Limbo. We knew something went down between the mutants and the Inhumans, and we know that Cyclops did something that took him off the board, but we don't yet know the full details of what happened in that eight month gap. That's about to change as this October Extraordinary X-Men writer Jeff Lemire and Uncanny Inhumans writer Charles Soule team up to tell that story in Death of X.
Elektra Returns In Soule And Buffagni's 'Daredevil' #6
A lot has happened to Matt Murdock since returning to New York; there’s no Foggy or Kirsten, no-one remembers that he’s Daredevil, and he has a brand new sidekick called Blindspot. Following the recent battle with the villainous cult-leader Tenfingers, Daredevil’s world is set to get rocked once again as his first love Elektra returns, and we’ve got a preview from Marvel of Daredevil #6 by Charles Soule and Matteo Buffagni.
First Look: ‘Poe Dameron’ Comic Explores Poe’s Adventures Back Before He Met And Fell In Love With Finn
When Marvel's Star Wars: Poe Dameron comic arrives in stores next month, it will be the first official glimpse fans have had of the dashing flyboy hero since his introduction in The Force Awakens --- and with Episode VIII still a couple of years away, the ongoing series may be the only fix of Poe we get for a while. That means there's a lot of pressure on writer Charles Soule and artist Phil Noto to satisfy the fans. Judging from the preview pages released by Marvel, we can at the very least expect entertaining skybound antics, Poe Dameron looking handsome, and some probably adorable interactions with BB-8. That's pretty good for four pages, but it does leave one big question unanswered.
James Asmus Takes The 'All-New Inhumans' Global [Interview]
It’s been nearly two years since Black Bolt crashed Attilan into the Hudson River, sending a cloud of Terrigen Mists across the planet and unlocking latent Inhuman DNA wherever it traveled. In that time, the profile of the Inhumans as a franchise has skyrocketed; they’re in the TV shows, they have a movie on the way, and the comics have expanded into an entire line, including fan favorites such Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur. All-New Inhumans just wrapped up its first arc, as the team led by Crystal ventured to the dictatorship of Sin Cong to investigate claims that not one person there was transformed by the Terrigen Cloud. ComicsAlliance caught up with All-New Inhumans co-writer James Asmus to talk creating new Inhumans, their new global scale, and their relationship with the X-Men, both in canon and in the wider publishing landscape. We also have brand new art from All-New Inhumans #5 by Andre Araujo!
Super: Can We Have Nice Things? The Big Gay Poe Dameron Question
Poe Dameron is probably only accidentally a gay hero. He wasn't originally meant to survive the first act of Star Wars: The Force Awakens according to writer/director J.J. Abrams, so he doesn't have a real arc of his own. On paper, Poe Dameron is just a device to advance the plot. It's in Oscar Isaac's performance that he becomes something special, and someone Abrams knew he had to keep around. Isaac gives Poe Dameron his charisma and smoldering intensity, and because his primary (human) relationship in the movie is with John Boyega's Finn, he gets to direct that charm and intensity towards him. In one of the characters' most pored over scenes together --- a scene that only exists because of Poe Dameron's reprieve from death --- the pilot gives Finn a look that's indistinguishable from lust, even biting his own lip as he tells him to keep the jacket they've come to share. It's one of the gayest things I've seen in a blockbuster movie, in the most positive and celebratory sense of the word, and it gave us reason to hope that Poe Dameron could be Star Wars' first onscreen gay hero. But is Poe Dameron actually gay, and what happens to our hopes and dreams if he's not?
Poe Dameron, Our Gay Space Boyfriend, Gets Own Marvel Comic
They almost killed him off in the first version of the script, but it looks like the decision to keep Poe Dameron around in Star Wars: The Force Awakens has paid off. The hunkiest hero ever named for a Teletubby, Poe Dameron is going to be make the leap from the screen (and fan's dreams) to the pages of a new comic from Charles Soule and Phil Noto this spring. Announced by USA Today, Star Wars: Poe Dameron will launch in April as an ongoing, delivering tales of Poe's time with the Resistance before the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While that might mean we won't be seeing any team-ups or (more than) friendly embraces with Finn, Soule promised that this new book will flesh out Poe's character as the hot-shot flyboy in the Resistance X-Wing squadron even more.
'Gwenpool Special' A Little Bit Special, But Not So Gwenpool
I had absolutely no interest in Marvel’s Gwenpool Special #1 when it was announced. I like Spider-Gwen a whole lot, but what looked like essentially a gender-bent Deadpool in pink? Yeah, the best I could come up with was a shrug at the news that this random mash-up character would be getting a holiday issue. Which is why I’m quite honestly shocked that I liked Gwenpool Special #1. I liked it a lot. It’s a real Christmas miracle, people.

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