Circuit Breaker

Best Covers Ever (This Year): Image Comics 2016 Edition
The end of the year is a time of reflection in many ways, and that often means thinking about and assessing what the very best releases in any particular medium were. As we prepare to cross the threshold into 2017, we've been collecting some of the best covers of the year by publisher for your perusal, and today we're looking at fifty of the best comic book covers released from Image Comics in 2016.
McCarthy & Baker's 'Circuit-Breaker' Is Finally Coming Out
As much as I love the holidays, I'll admit that sometimes, they can be a real drag. There's a lot of pressure to be merry, and sometimes, there's no real reason for it, and it all just wears on you after a while. But not this year. This year, we have reason to rejoice, to throw open the sash and call out in good cheer to everyone who will listen, for now, we finally have a release date for Kevin McCarthy and Kyle Baker's Circuit-Breaker. Originally announced as "coming soon" almost two years ago, Circuit Breaker is the manga-inspired story of an outlawed robot that finds Baker using a style heavily influenced by the legendary Osamu Tezuka, and according to this month's Image solicitations, it's going to hit shelves on March 16. It's a Christmas miracle! That will actually happen right before St. Patrick's day!
Kyle Baker Posts Art For Upcoming Comic 'Circuit Breaker'
  A little while back Kyle Baker revealed on his website details of Circuit Breaker, his upcoming Image comic. Illustrated by Baker and written by Kevin McCarthy, the comic stars a young girl robot in a future Tokyo and is inspired largely by the work of Osamu Tezuka. Baker revealed some early art when the title was first announced, but he's posted a new page, both at the ink stage and in color, a