Top Cow Arrives in Force at Wizard World Philadelphia!
Press Release
Top Cow Productions is pleased to reveal their programming, signing schedule, and exclusives details for Wizard World Philadelphia. The convention takes place June 15th-17th, 2007 in the Pennsylvania Convention Center.
Top Cow will be represented heavily at Wizard World Philadelphia with…
The New Fantastic Four Vs The Marvel Zombies!
Press Release
The New Fantastic Four-Black Panther, Storm, Human Torch & The Thing-have faced Galactus and the Silver Surfer, but now they face an even larger threat in Black Panther #28-The Marvel Zombies! Imbued with the power of Galactus from their recent tussle-they say he tasted like chi…
Sonic the Hedgehog’s Earliest Adventures Live On
Press Release
In November, 2006, Archie Comics offered Sonic readers both new and old the opportunity to relive the earliest adventures of their favorite hero with the release of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ARCHIVES #1. Now, here we are on the eve of the release of the 6th volume, and everyone agrees: this ne…
Doc Savage and The Phantom Get Hardcover Treatment!
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Moonstone Books offers one of a kind, hardcover prose collections for preorder!
With the ever-growing success of their new prose line (featuring Kolchak: The Night Stalker, The Spider and more), Moonstone Books has decided to create limited hardcover editions for their two newest collect…
Bluewater Announces Two Sell-Outs
Press Release
Bluewater Productions made its mark as an all-new independent self publisher on Wednesday with the release, and subsequent sell-out, of its two debut titles, WRATH OF THE TITANS and VSS!
"I thought it would be great to finally see our books on the stands again, but it feels even…
The Hedge Knight Rides Again!
Press Release
One of summer's most anticipated sequels arrives this June, as Marvel Comics & The Dabel Brothers present the latest adaptation of George R. R. Martin's Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword #1 (0f 6). Continuing the acclaimed comic book translations of the New York Times best-…
War Comics 101
So it's Memorial Day. Time to reflect on past wars...and past war comics. But since all the continuing war comics ceased publication over a generation ago, I figured a few of you might need a little primer on the war comics of yester-year.....
The X-Men Become An Endangered Species This June
Press Release
Mutants. They are on the verge of extinction. Since the end of House of M, there has not been a single mutant birth and each death brings the mutant population closer to zero. In June's X-Men: Endangered Species One-Shot, another mutant's name gets crossed off the list
Freshmen II #4 Preview
Top Cow has provided Comics Alliance with a 5 page preview of the new Freshmen II #4 due in stores May 23.
Freshmen II #4"Fundamentals of Fear x153: The Question" pt. 4
(W) Hugh Sterbakov(P) Will Conrad(Col) Blond(Cov) Benefiel, Migliari
The secret of Mr