Cowboy Ninja Viking

‘Zombieland’ Creators Bring ‘Cowboy Ninja Viking’ to Hollywood
With an awesome Walking Dead television series on the air and a John Carpenter Darkchylde movie on the way, it seems to be a good time to be an Image comic book. The latest of the publisher's many creator-owned titles to announce its intentions in Hollywood is Cowboy Ninja Viking, which is being developed for Disney by the writers of cult-fave Zombieland...
Hot Ink — Blackest Night #7, Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island #1, We Will Bury You #1
ComicsAlliance reviews the biggest, best, and most interesting comics that hit the shelves this week. SAVING MY REMAINING AC-DC PUNS FOR THE LAST ISSUE - Blackest Night 7 "Blackest Night"'s main title book is back after taking the month of January off, possibly in the hopes that we'd forget how it claimed that every single character resurrection that's ever occurred in the DC Universe
Cowboy Ninja Viking! How to Make Your Own Comics Mashup
Whoever arranges all the cool comic social gatherings should start planning a coming-out party for AJ Lieberman and Riley Rossmo. Last month the pair debuted with "Cowboy Ninja Viking," a Golden Age-sized, one-color trip about a counter-intelligence operative with three distinct personalities: Cowboy, Ninja and Viking...