Valiant's 'Doctor Mirage' Pierces The Veil To Come To TV
Valiant's The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage, by Jen Van Meter and Roberto de la Torre, is being developed as a television series for the CW. The comic centers on Dr. Shan Fong-Mirage, a paranormal investigator who can see and communicate with ghosts, and who co-hosted a TV show with her husband Hwen until his death sent her on a quest to find his spirit.
‘Arrow’ Post-Show Analysis: Season 5 Episode 6: ‘So It Begins’
On this week’s episode, “So It Begins,” Prometheus launches his ridiculously complicated plot to destroy the Green Arrow, while the Arrow Babies discover one of the dark secrets from Oliver’s past. Also, Dolph Lundgren arrives! John Behring directed the episode from a script by Wendy Mericle and Brian Ford Sullivan.
‘Supergirl’ Post-Show Analysis: Season 2 Episode 4: ‘Survivors’
This week, Supergirl uncovers an underground alien fight club, Alex and Maggie Sawyer go on an undercover date to the alien fight club, and J’onn/Hank learns his new Martian friend is involved with the alien fight club. Also, Winn and Mon-El go to a bar! “Survivors” was directed by James Marshall from a script by Paula Yoo and Eric Carrasco.
‘Arrow’ Gets SDCC 2012 Exclusive Comic, Bag
Fans attending San Diego Comic-Con this week won't have to wait until September for their first look at Arrow, the CW's upcoming adaptation of DC Comics' Green Arrow series. Instead, they can pick up a free 10 page comic prelude to the show, co-written by the show's executive producers and none other than Justice League and Green Lantern writer - not to mention DC Entertainment Chief Creative Offi
First Image From CW’s New ‘Arrow’ TV Show Debuts
Because "Green Arrow" is apparently too colorful a title for the CW's demographic, Arrow -- apparently the successor to Smallville on CW's DC Comics-inspired teen melodrama schedule slot -- has had its first image released today, and it certainly looks darker than the borderline neon Oliver Queen of Smallville...

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