MTV Classic Returning 'Daria,' 'Beavis' and Much More
One doesn’t have to be out-of-touch to not recognize MTV anymore, or malign the dearth of ‘90s staples like Beavis & Butt-Head, or later years like Clone High or Pimp My Ride. Luckily, MTV will return to its roots with an MTV Classic channel as early as next week, bringing back a treasure-trove of your old favorites.
Aubrey Plaza Is Your Daria In Fake Live Action Trailer
I'm a huge Daria fan. And while I hope there never actually is a live action adaptation of the series (that wouldn't work for a variety of reasons), if it were to happen, Aubrey Plaza would likely be the popular choice to play the prototypical intelligent, sarcastic '90s teen. This wasn't lost on the folks at College Humor, who got Plaza to portray the titular character in a fake trailer for a Dar
When Will ‘Daria’ Get its Comic Book Due?
One of the fun things about comics is something that is a failure in movies or TV (Hello, Whedonia!) can be a runaway success when transformed into sequential art. Lower costs, and lower audience expectation, make smaller groups of devoted fans worth catering to ...