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My Favorite Monster: Seeing The God In Godzilla
Who else but Godzilla deserves the title of favorite monster? Sure, there are lots of great contenders, like werewolves, and Dracula, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. But the Xenomorph and Predator could team up and even they could not topple Godzilla. She has had one of the longest lives of any monster in the world.
‘City Fall’ Tensions Rise In ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ #23 [Preview]
Two heroes are down as Shredder advances his plot to take New York City in next week's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #23. Writers Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman's "City Fall" storyline kicked off last month, giving fans a taste of what kind of shocking transformation may be in store for one of the Green machines, and this month artist Mateus Santolouco (along with alternate cover artists Dan Duncan, Andy Kuhn, Ben Bates, Ross Campbell and Dave Wachter) turns up the tension as a team short on allies prepares to confront multiple foes.
Dave Wachter’s Fuses Seinfeld With Superman and More [Art]
You may recognize the name Dave Wachter from this year's list of Eisner Award nominees for Best Digital Comic, and even if you don't recognize his webcomic "The Guns of Shadow Valley," which earned him the honor, you should see some familiar faces among the Gorilla Grodd, Black Manta, Wonder Woman and Red Skull sketch cards he's made...