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DC Comics’ Mysterious Hooded Lady is Now ‘Pandora’
We can officially stop calling the cosmic lurker that's been popping up in every "New 52" book since the end of Flashpoint "The hooded lady in pink/red/purple." According to DC Comics' The Source blog, "Her name is Pandora." That's all DC is saying so far, meaning it's up to fans to continue searching for clues about her identity and what it might mean for the fabric
Talking with Jim Lee & Geoff Johns about ‘Justice League’ #1 and the DC Relaunch [Interview]
Before their signing of Justice League #1 at Midtown Comics on Tuesday night, ComicsAlliance had a few moments to talk with writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee about DC Comics' 52 relaunched titles. Read all about the duo's Justice League plans, how they're presenting it for readers old and new, their thoughts on the importance of continuity, and some of the titles they're most excited for read

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