DC Collectibles Solicitations For February 2013
Batman fans who dig DC Collectibles statues and toys, it looks like March and April are going to be your month. Fans of, well, everyone else? You're just going to have to be really happy for your Batman-loving bros and brodettes. That's right, the latest batch of product solicitations from DCC are all about the Caped Crusader and his many incarnations...
DC Collectibles Unveils More High-End Prints [Art]
DC Collectibles has expanded its line of exclusive, high-end art prints with around a dozen new posters. Like the first batch, the new posters cover a range of characters and concepts from the DCU and are available in both 12x18" ($19.95) and 24x36" ($34...
DC Collectibles Solicitations For January 2013
A new year means new action figures, busts and statues from DC Collectibles, although official solicitation listings indicate the company will kick off 2013 with a relatively conservative amount of merchandise. In January DCC will roll out a new Death statue, a Frank Miller-style Superman statue, a Booster Gold bust and a New 52 Green Arrow action figure, with prices ranging from about $23 to $80,
DC Collectibles Unveils Exclusive New Poster Series
Back in April DC debuted a limited number of special edition posters at C2E2, but the inherent rarity of the items apparently left enough fans wanting that DC has decided to release those early prints, along with many all-new posters via its DC Collectibles online store...

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